Basin Logix is Available for Testing

October 18th, 2021

We are launching a beta version of the Basin Logix platform 0.0.1, for the governance and management of groundwater in select counties in California:

Alameda, Amador, Butte, Calaveras, Contra Costa, Del Norte, El Dorado, Fresno, Glenn, Humbolt, Imperial, Kern, Kings, Lake, Lassen, Madera, Marin, Mendocino, Merced, Mono, Monterey, Napa, Orange, Placer, Sacramento, San Benito, San Bernardino, San Joaquin, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Shasta, Sierra, Solano, Sonoma, Stanislaus, Sutter, Tehama, Tulare, Ventura, Yolo, and Yuba

The Basin Logix platform beta accomplishes the following goals:

  • Combines agricultural, hydrogeologic and SGMA datasets to provide users with an overview of agricultural parcels in 44 supported California counties. All data is searchable by APN.

  • Enables the claiming of multiple agricultural parcels by users on the test network.

  • Enables users to create and distribute water allocations to all parcels registered on the network in a single click.

  • Enables users to easily view and trade water allocations across parcels on the network.

  • Demonstrates the ability to quickly view compliance of all parcels on the test network in a manner than maintains privacy.

  • Enables the utilization of web3 user accounts via Polkadot{.js} extension.

  • Demonstrates a functional proof of concept application of distributed ledger technology being applied to natural resource management and governance.

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A note about what is going on under the hood and our motivation:

The Basin Logix platform interacts with the Basin Logix network. The Basin Logix network is a custom blockchain network developed for the purposes of governing and managing natural resources. By storing critical pieces of data on the network we can provide:

Trust in information

Transparency of information

Transfer of value with information

We are building a shared water resource governance that’s easy to understand, has no central authority and respects your privacy. The Basin Logix network works as a shared ledger in the same way a groundwater aquifer works as a shared source of water. If you would like to learn why and how the Basin Logix network works to deliver shared resource governance and management read the draft whitepaper.

Please note the Basin Logix platform is undergoing rapid development and testing. Any usage of the platform, including accounts/assets created, is for testing purposes only and will not be retained in future releases.