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Get on track to sustainably 

with demand management that fits your needs.

Basin Logix platform features:

State Wide

Feel confident that your groundwater and everyone else's is accounted for. Basin Logix is a state level solution. From border to border everyone works off the same accounting ledger.

Quick Check

No more going cross-eyed staring at spreadsheets. Quick Check compliance gives you the power to set up unique metrics that you can view at a glance, abstracting away complexity. 

No Cost Solution

Your budget is tied up supporting supply increase projects, pursuing grants for infrastructure, and coordinating scientific studies. Basin Logix offers  a complete groundwater accounting  solution with no licensing, no subscription, and no cost to your bottom line.

Water Market

Water markets have been touted as being able to soften the blow of SGMA, but they have always been so difficult to set up. The Basin Logix platform's unique auction style groundwater market provides automatic liquidity to your stakeholders.

Deep Data

Drill deeper into the data than ever before. The platform's single state-wide ledger enables auditing on a scale that has never before been possible. Need to get to the bottom of an issue? Unexplained outliers are a thing of the past. Track water across property boundaries, GSAs, and sub-basins. 

Move with Trust

Be as clear as possible with all your management and governance actions on the Basin Logix platform. Chart a path forward and set it in stone on the blockchain for all your stakeholders to see.    

Move forward with Basin Logix

The Basin Logix platform is undergoing constant improvements and rapid 
development. Reach out to us if your GSA is interested in joining our platform.

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