We reinvented groundwater assets so that you can control your resource how you choose to.

Basin Logix platform features

State Wide Trust

Know where you stand, no matter which GSA you are in. Basin Logix operates on a single blockchain ledger, so everyone is working with the same numbers. We know your groundwater worries span the whole state, so we built a platform that does the same. 

Quick Glance

We get data and you get information. Quick Glance lets you track your groundwater allocation without needing to keep tabs on all the details yourself. If you want to go deeper, the data is there.

Unlock your Water

Plan for tomorrow with groundwater as an asset instead of a liability. Use your groundwater like you use any other input. Lease it, bank it, or use it, whatever fits your goals. Groundwater assets on the Basin Logix platform can be used without pumping a single gallon.

Private but Compliant

Keep what's yours to yourself. Novel account management enables easy compliance with GSAs without having to divulge all of your activity. Only when an issue arises is detailed data shared with regulators.

No Cost Solution

Your budget is tied up paying for equipment, labor, and inputs. Basin Logix offers  a complete groundwater accounting  solution with no licensing, no subscription, and no cost to your bottom line.

Know the Price

See the price of water, no more guessing. Basin Logix's unique groundwater auction market gets to the price per acre foot quickly so you can make decisions at the right time.  

Move forward with Basin Logix

The Basin Logix platform is undergoing constant improvements and rapid 
development. Reach out to us if your are interested in joining our platform.