Groundwater management
on your terms.

SGMA compliance without relinquishing control.

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It's your water,
it should be your terms.

We reinvented water assets so that you can control your resource how you choose to, no matter what the future holds in store.

Why Basin Logix?
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Guarantees on validity of information, markets and collective resource governance all provided by the distributed network,

not by a centralized third party.


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Auditability and transparency only when you need it. All information is stored on the network, but exposing which parts to share is up to you. Enables easy compliance with regulations.


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An asset on Basin Logix has dynamic value and information which travel together on the platform. This greatly reduces transaction costs associated with transfers and other management mechanisms. 



2017 -

Understanding the water problems that exist in the Western US.

As a part of the                                          I-CORPs program we sought to gain insight into the viability of water markets and digitized water as a solution by speaking with water managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, state government, tribal government, federal government representatives. Checkout what we learned from our conversations.

2020 -

Testing the feasibility of tokenizing water with                                         to help solve the sustainability crisis.

After conducting an extensive evaluation of existing models for the implementation and operation of water markets around the world, we aim at establishing a fair system of water allocations by using digital assets.

Checkout our first Proof of Concept submission to                                             .

2021 -

Beta platform launched while in the                                                                             .


With help from the 2021 UC Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator community we launched our public beta platform in October of 2021. The public beta platform is the realization of our technical and system design concepts as outlined in our whitepaper.




Spencer Harris


Spencer is a hydrogeologist focused on data analysis and modeling.

He is a licensed California Professional Geologist and Substrate developer.

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