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California water accounting
                              for everyone everywhere.

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Project: Über
Tap into your water
in a new way. 

Know where you stand, no matter which GSA or water district you are in. Plan for tomorrow with water as an asset instead of a liability.

Project: Über
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Guarantees on validity of allocations, information and markets across California all provided by a single network, not by lots of different third parties.


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Auditability and transparency only when you need it. All information is stored on the network, but is only shared when there is an issue. Enables easy compliance with regulations like SGMA.


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Moving digital water should be cheap and easy. Assets on Basin Logix have dynamic value and information which are linked together,reducing transaction costs and times. 


Check your progress
without checking your back.

Groundwater demand management is complicated, let us make it easier.

Feel confident that your groundwater and everyone else's is accounted for.


Drill Deeper?

Curious about what is going on inside the Basin Logix platform?  

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