Water resource management and  governance on your terms.

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It's your water,
it should be your terms...

​Basin Logix offers a platform for shared water resource governance that's easy to understand, has no central authority and respects your privacy.


We reinvented water assets so that you can control your resource how you choose to, no matter what the future holds in store.

Due to increasing regulatory, climate and market pressures,

communities and producers are exploring ways to

reduce their water resource uncertainty.

Current avenues are limited due to

lack of trust, legal ambiguity, uncertainty of future governance,

the value of groundwater being unknown, unreliable surface water deliveries, and more.

Why Basin Logix?
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Guarantees on validity of information, markets and collective resource governance all provided by the distributed network,

not by a centralized third party.


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Auditability and transparency only when you need it. All information is stored on the network, but exposing which parts to share is up to you. Enables easy compliance with regulations.


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An asset on Basin Logix has dynamic value and information which travel together on the platform. This greatly reduces transaction costs associated with transfers and other management mechanisms. 

Transfer value with information

Past Investigations

Understanding the water problems that exist in the Western US.


As a part of the                                          I-CORPs program we sought to gain insight into the viability of water markets and digitized water as a solution by speaking with water managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, state government, tribal government, federal government representatives. Checkout what we learned from our conversations.

Testing the feasibility of tokenizing water with                                         to help solve the sustainability crisis.

After conducting an extensive evaluation of existing models for the implementation and operation of water markets around the world, we aim at establishing a fair system of water allocations by using digital assets.

Checkout our first Proof of Concept submission to                                             .




Spencer Harris


Spencer is a hydrogeologist focused on data analysis and analytical and numerical modeling. He is a licensed California Professional Geologist and an aspiring Substrate developer.

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Abdel Alfahham


Abdel is a data scientist with an academic background in agricultural sciences and practical experience in acquisition, preprocessing, and analysis of hydrologic and geolgic data.

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